Converting Your Dream Home Into Reality


Turn-Key Basis Construction

Turn-key is substantially a fixed price contract. Turn-key basis means that the construction company is officially compelled to conduct the whole operation from design to sell out. The profit sum is also included in that fixed price. It means the owner or client hand the project to these experts for construction time span and ‘turn [...]
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Project Supervision

The individual in-charge of any construction product have called by many titles, including general contractor, project manager or construction project manager, but the responsibilities of all of them are the same. Their duties include working with the architect and subcontractors, acquiring permissions and equipment. And the most important is the general supervision of the project. [...]
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Gray structure construction

Everything that looks gray in the building is the gray structure. The items that include in a gray structure are needed to get agreed before signing a contract. • Foundation • Walls • Cement plaster to the wall • Roof • Underground Water Tanks • Roof water Tank • Cesspool 9 10 11 12 Image__3 [...]
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Structural drawings

Structural drawings usually refer to drawing of material, wood, steel and other building structures. Structural drawings clearly characterize all structural factors included in the building construction and their relationship. These designs involve different engineering calculations comparable to material physics and properties to prepare the structures which can bear all types of loads. The selection of [...]
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Architectural designs

Our range of proficiency allows us the flexibility to provide divergent architectural solutions, to leverage ingenious products and materials, and to add our clients’ vision and need to improve every project we touch. Whether the structure is residential, commercial, non-profit, or any other, at our center we are a client-focused company, dedicated to adding value [...]
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