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Project Supervision

The individual in-charge of any construction product have called by many titles, including general contractor, project manager or construction project manager, but the responsibilities of all of them are the same.

Their duties include working with the architect and subcontractors, acquiring permissions and equipment. And the most important is the general supervision of the project. The construction project supervisor is generally a construction industry expert with at least five years of experience, and most of them having college degrees.

The very first phase of a construction project is design and planning. A construction manager has to work closely with architects and subcontractors to develop and bargain cost estimates, budgets’ and work schedules, as well as choosing the right construction methods and materials to fit within the budget. The main job of the supervisor is to bring everyone together and complete the project on time.

Other conditions of a construction managers’ job include all required building or outlining the permits, lining up all the equipment and labor as well as regular supervision of the project on a daily basis.